Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 105: some changes

Well, some fuseki problems that I was seeing in the last days are being solved. giving 17 points to a fuseki position and quitting only 15 if it is a bad move (for example, playing komoku in a corner with a hoshi played by the same color) is something wrong, because it still have 2 points + random number (1,5).

So, first I changed 15 to 25, but still there was something I needed to change: quitting 25 points putting the integer 25 is kind of hardcoding now, so I added a variable in my weightValues class "badFusekiMove" or something like that, giving the value 25.

 So, this is how it played now:

(;FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[GoGui:1.4.5] KM[6.5]PW[Evil Tesuji]DT[2012-11-22] ;B[pp];W[dq];B[dd];W[cp];B[nc];W[qq];B[qd];W[cc];B[dc];W[pc] ;B[qc];W[co];B[cj];W[eq];B[qj];W[oc];B[nd];W[bc];B[ob];W[fq] ;B[pb];W[iq];B[pd];W[mq];B[pq];W[po];B[qp];W[nq];B[qr];W[rq])
It is not something to be proud of, but... is slight better.

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