Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 124: Games with 0.01E

Well, Evil Tesuji played a game without errors (heavy testing needed, I KNOW, it will crash eventually). A 9x9 game (I will not let it play 19x19 for some time). Playing bad on porpouse Evil Tesuji was destroyed. But it is a start, I know some day it will do it better.

(;FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[GoGui:1.4.5]SZ[9] KM[6.5]PW[Evil Tesuji]DT[2012-12-12]RE[B+69.5] ;B[gc];W[dc];B[ff];W[gf];B[gg];W[dg];B[cg];W[ce];B[dh];W[cd] ;B[eg];W[fd];B[gd];W[ge];B[hg];W[df];B[fe];W[bc];B[fc];W[ed] ;B[ec];W[ac];B[bf];W[ig];B[ih];W[hh];B[if];W[hf];B[he];W[ie] ;B[id];W[hf];B[eb];W[ge];B[be];W[bg];B[cf];W[gh];B[fh];W[ag] ;B[de];W[ee];B[ef];W[dd];B[bd];W[hc];B[ca];W[ic];B[cb];W[ch] ;B[bh];W[ia];B[];W[])

White is Evil Tesuji. I know, it plays, horrible, but I know it will be better.

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